Asia Pacific Economic Outlook: September 2014

Deloitte University Press

This edition gives a near-term outlook for China, India, Malaysia, and Vietnam. China is experiencing steady growth, though risks remain. India’s recently announced budget is comprehensive but lacks a clear…


Different temptations, same rules

Michael E. Raynor, Robert Rosone, Mumtaz Ahmed & Rob Del Vicario

Deloitte Review: Issue 15

Deloitte University Press

Is the romance gone? An extensive new study suggests that Gen Y takes a more pragmatic view of car ownership. Deloitte Review issue 15 also explores analytics and predicting…


Technology’s aim: Better, longer life

JR Reagan

The fountain of youth, it turns out, exists not in some distant, exotic land but right here in that vast repository of information known as big data.

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(video) Automotive trends and Gen Y

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Generation Y will soon become the automotive industry’s biggest demographic, and to many of them, the automobile is more appliance than status symbol. The results of an extensive study paint a complex mosaic of opportunities and challenges for…

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