Global Economic Outlook: Q4 2014

Deloitte University Press

The global economy continues to show a few signs of strength amid several signs of weakness. The greatest strength appears to be in the US economy; meanwhile big emerging markets are mostly struggling to…


Passion at work

John Hagel III, John Seely Brown, Alok Ranjan & Daniel Byler


3D opportunity for end-use products

Jeff Crane, Ryan Crestani & Mark Cotteleer

3D opportunity: The course on additive manufacturing for business leaders

Deloitte University Press

Our online course is designed to help expand your knowledge of the business implications of additive manufacturing and inform your choices about how and where to invest in…


Executive transitions: Dealing with the passed-over rival

Ajit Kambil

While Machiavelli suggests executing former princes and rivals, today we should avail ourselves of more civilized, and even cooperative, strategies. So how should you deal…

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(video) The exceptional company: defying gravity

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Find out what exceptional companies (and exceptional glider pilots) have in common as Deloitte's Michael Raynor summarizes the Three Rules from his latest book and Deloitte Review issue 13 feature.

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