Blurring boundaries, uncharted frontiers

Eamonn Kelly

Long-standing boundaries and constraints that have traditionally determined the evolution of business are dissolving, allowing new ecosystem possibilities to flourish.

GEO Q2 2015

Global Economic Outlook: Q2 2015

Deloitte University Press


The new calculus of corporate portfolios

Mike Armstrong, William Engelbrecht, & Eamonn Kelly


A growing skills mismatch? Not necessarily

Dr. Patricia Buckley & Dr. Rumki Majumdar

Fueling growth: You can’t always buy what you need

Will Sarni

For a company that needs water for manufacturing, in its supply chain, or even for product use, a lack of access to water may jeopardize its growth. The risks point to a…


When data and analytics change the game

Tom Davenport

Data and analytics can foster incremental improvements, but sometimes, they can change the game altogether.

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(video) Supply unchained: Fighting supply chain labor abuse

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Prioritizing the prevention of human rights violations can help organizations open an important dialogue with empowered consumers, preserve the integrity of their supply chains, and protect their brand identity.

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