3D opportunity for production: Additive manufacturing makes its (business) case

Mark Cotteleer

The business case for additive manufacturing (AM) starts with careful consideration of the direct costs driving AM and traditional production economics, and continues with an examination of less direct factors…


Moving beyond marketing

Gerald C. Kane, Doug Palmer, Anh Nguyen Phillips, David Kiron & Natasha Buckley


Deloitte Review: Issue 15

Deloitte University Press

Fueling growth: You can’t always buy what you need

Will Sarni

For a company that needs water for manufacturing, in its supply chain, or even for product use, a lack of access to water may jeopardize its growth. The risks point to a…


Ten types of analytical innovation

Tom Davenport

Ten types of innovation can be driven, supported, or measured with analytics. If you’re not using analytics for all ten types, you may not be optimizing your analytical…

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(video) Automotive trends and Gen Y

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Generation Y will soon become the automotive industry’s biggest demographic, and to many of them, the automobile is more appliance than status symbol. The results of an extensive study paint a complex mosaic of opportunities and challenges for…

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