Deloitte Review: Issue 15

Deloitte University Press

Is the romance gone? An extensive new study suggests that Gen Y takes a more pragmatic view of car ownership. Deloitte Review issue 15 also explores analytics and predicting behavior; new players in the…

Asia Pacific Economic Outlook August 2014

Asia Pacific Economic Outlook: August 2014

Deloitte University Press

DUP_826_Heros journey_1000x1375

The hero’s journey through the landscape of the future

John Hagel III, John Seely Brown (JSB), Tamara Samoylova & Duleesha Kulasooriya


Global Economic Outlook: Q3 2014

Deloitte University Press

3D opportunity for production: Additive manufacturing makes its (business) case

Mark Cotteleer

The business case for additive manufacturing (AM) starts with careful consideration of the direct costs driving AM and traditional production economics, and continues with…


Congratulations on your promotion. Now give up your old job.

Ajit Kambil

Beware the traps of doing your old job in addition to your new one for an extended period of time and overestimating the quality of the staff you inherit.

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Fighting supply chain labor abuse (video)

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Prioritizing the prevention of human rights violations can help organizations open an important dialogue with empowered consumers, preserve the integrity of their supply chains, and protect their brand identity.

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