Will IoT technology bring us the quantified employee?

Josh Bersin, Joe Mariani, & Kelly Monahan

Wearables and other IoT-based devices are helping millions of us better ourselves. Can employers convince everyone to use the same technology to make work more efficient, productive, and pleasant? All that…


Insuring the future of mobility

John Matley, Malika Gandhi, Emily Yoo, Bill Jarmuz, & Stefan Peterson


Shutting down fraud, waste, and abuse

Dr. Peter Viechnicki, William D. Eggers, Brien Lorenze, Michael Greene, James Guszcza, & Dan Olson

Gaming away the leadership gap

Kelly Monahan, Cary Harr, Marjorie Knight, & John Crump

Is gamification the “next big thing” for training programs? If so, why? Learn how leading-edge organizations are infusing gaming into the mix, the results, and how you…


(video) Industry 4.0: Exploring the world of connected enterprises

The marriage of advanced manufacturing techniques with information technology, data, and analytics is driving another industrial revolution—one that invites manufacturing leaders to combine information technology and operations technology to…

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