Smart mobility: Reducing congestion and fostering faster, greener, and cheaper transportation options

Dr. Peter Viechnicki, Abhijit Khuperkar, Tiffany Dovey Fishman, & William D. Eggers

For decades, many governments have tried to develop solutions to address traffic congestion, yet commute times continue to lengthen in most of America's urban centers. It’s time for a new approach.


Voice of the annuities consumer

Sam Friedman, Michelle Canaan, & Nikhil Gokhale


Smart Mobility

Deloitte University Press

Global risk management survey, ninth edition

Edward Hida

In an age of heightened and evolving regulatory expectations, financial institutions must not only comply with regulations, but also find the flexibility to respond quickly…


A matter of choice, not chance

Sarah Thomas

Aging, chronic, and end-of-life care is currently guided more by chance than by careful planning. There seems to be a vacuum in this area that providers and other industry…

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Redesigning work in an era of cognitive technologies

"The fears about the impact on workers are justified. It’s important more than ever for people to continually refresh their skills, and to make sure they are as flexible as they can be and that they learn how to take advantage of these…

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