Power struggle: Customers, companies, and the Internet of Things

Brenna Sniderman & Michael E. Raynor

The data flowing through the Internet of Things can change the relationships between customers and companies, sometimes benefiting both parties. But sometimes customers, companies, or both can find themselves…


Global Economic Outlook: Q3 2015

Deloitte University Press

Deloitte Review: Issue 17

Deloitte University Press

For all of its importance and impact, the Internet of Things enables, rather than determines, an organization’s strategy. Deloitte Review issue 17 features a…


Industrialized analytics

Tom Davenport

Analytics has grown from being a “craft” activity to one that is capable of creating thousands, even millions of predictive models and embedding them within operational…

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(podcast) Strategy, not technology, drives digital transformation

[A]pproximately 90% of ... respondents in the maturing category say their main goal of digital implementation was to change the way their company does business. They tend to be more integrated and innovative. They work together. The employees…

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