Deloitte Review: Issue 19

Deloitte University Press

The old image of the thrill-seeking hacker breaking into protected systems for fun seems almost quaint today. Cybercrime has gone professional, with organized crime and national governments sponsoring…


How to innovate the Silicon Valley way

Maximilian Schroeck, Gopal Srinivasan, & Aishwarya Sharan


Does scarcity make you dumb?

Kelly Monahan, Mark J. Cotteleer, & Jen Fisher

Global Economic Outlook: Q3 2016

Deloitte University Press

This summer, the global economy has been facing new uncertainties, not the least of which is Brexit. Other areas of concern include weak job numbers in the United States…

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(podcast) Hidden risks of a cyber breach

Losing customer data to hackers can be costly and embarrassing, but losing intellectual property to cyber thieves could threaten a company’s future. Tanya Ott talks to Emily Mossburg and Ash Raghavan about the risks facing business today.

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