The burden of inheritance: Managing an existing team

Ajit Kambil

As a new executive, the team you inherit may not be the team you want for the future, but until you get around to creating your ideal team, you need to make do with what you have. This article talks about how…


The rise of cognitive agents

Tom Davenport & Rajeev Ronanki


Customer Experience in Government

Deloitte University Press


3D opportunity and cyber risk management

Simon Goldenberg, John Brown, Jeff Haid, & John Ezzard

Will patients and caregivers embrace technology-enabled health care?

Greg Reh, Leslie Korenda, & Claire Boozer Cruse

It’s one thing for health care providers to implement new IoT technology—and quite another for patients and caregivers to embrace it. Good news: According to…

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(podcast) Gaming away the leadership gap

How can video games help organizations develop better leaders? Cary Harr and Roxanne Splitt discuss how games, or simulations, encourage employees to examine their unconscious biases and internalize behaviors to become more inclusive leaders.

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