Trends: Business ecosystems come of age

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Deloitte’s latest Business Trends report explores how forward-looking leaders and organizations can thrive in a world of ecosystems.


Ready, set, (triple) aim

Leslie Korenda, Wendy Gerhardt, & Maulesh Shukla


Following the capital trail in oil and gas

John England, Gregory Bean, & Anshu Mittal


A growing skills mismatch? Not necessarily

Dr. Patricia Buckley & Dr. Rumki Majumdar

Wicked opportunities

William D. Eggers & Anna Muoio

“Wicked problems”—ranging from malaria to dwindling water supplies—are being reframed as “wicked opportunities” and tackled by networks of non-governmental…


When data and analytics change the game

Tom Davenport

Data and analytics can foster incremental improvements, but sometimes, they can change the game altogether.

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(video) Getting ahead of the "ripple effect"

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Water scarcity creates risks and opportunities. A water stewardship strategy should help business leaders identify and pursue value-creating initiatives, from cost reduction and innovation, to a reputation that creates further opportunities.

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