Trends: Global Human Capital Trends 2015

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The Human Capital Trends 2015 report highlights 10 trends that are reshaping the nature of work and the ways organizations approach talent management.


Culture and engagement

David Brown, Sonny Chheng, Veronica Melian, Kathy Parker & Marc Solow


Performance management

David Parent, Nathan Sloan & Akio Tsuchida

Backyards without fences: Carving out territory in the changing consumer products terrain

Pat Conroy, Anupam Narula, & Julie Finn

Today, many brands struggle to maintain relevance and a price premium. Shifts in channels and a more heterogeneous consumer base are weakening the traditional fences they…


The new diversity

JR Reagan

In the quest to include people of various genders, ages, races, and ethnicities, are organizations overlooking the obvious and failing to meet their fullest potential?

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(video) Gov2020: Envisioning the future of government

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By 2020, the world could look very different. How will government adapt to keep up with the needs of citizens?

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