Deloitte Review: Issue 16

Deloitte University Press

It’s the last mile for big data—creating products and services from crowd-based insights, and applying behavioral economics at a personal level. In addition, Deloitte Review issue 16 takes a…

The geography of jobs, part 3: Feature

Issues by the Numbers: January 2015

Dr. Patricia Buckley, Dr. Peter Viechnicki & Lara Wigmore

Global Economic Outlook: Q1 2015

Deloitte University Press

A sharp drop in the price of oil; a shift in US monetary policy; and weaker growth along with low inflation in the Eurozone, Japan, and China are significantly influencing…


Why data storytelling is so important—and why we’re so bad at it

Tom Davenport

Five reasons why data and analytics-based stories are important to organizations, and four reasons why so many people and organizations do it badly or not at all.

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Tech Trends 2015 overview (video)

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As business and IT are fused together, a number of emerging trends are transforming “business as usual” across industries, functions, and geographies.

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