US Economic Forecast: Volume 2 Issue 3

Dr. Daniel Bachman

Despite a laundry list of concerns, the fundamentals driving our optimistic views of the US economy remain in place. If anything, positive news from labor markets suggests a high probability of acceleration…


US shale: A game of choices

John England & Anshu Mittal

Women, energy, and economic empowerment

Kathleen O’Dell, Sophia Peters & Kate Wharton

With a “gender lens” approach to energy access programs, the millions of dollars flowing to energy access initiatives around the globe can have a greater impact on…


Executive transitions

Ajit Kambil

While there are no fixed and simple answers to decisions pertaining to people, knowing critical trade-offs and a process to engage them may help you better navigate these…

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(video) Additive manufacturing: A 3D opportunity

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The emergence of additive manufacturing technologies can lead to exciting opportunities...or obsolescence. Companies can explore four tactical paths as they deploy these technologies across their businesses.

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