Cognitive technologies for health plans

David Schatsky, Plamen Petrov, & Rajeev Ronanki

New developments in cognitive technologies can help health plans use artificial intelligence to help improve cost-effectiveness, customer service, and population health.


The road to value-based care

Wendy Gerhardt, Leslie Korenda, Elizabeth L. Stanley, & Gaurav Vadnerkar


Going rogue

Mark J. Cotteleer & Elliot Bendoly

US Economic Forecast: Volume 3 Issue 1

Dr. Daniel Bachman

The fall in oil prices is very important for the US economy. However, other factors will moderate the oil price impact, including a rising dollar, falling US exports, and…


Businesses as movements

John Hagel III

In a world of mounting performance pressure, businesses will need to evolve into movements, mobilizing large numbers of participants in a collaborative quest to discover new…

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(video) Tech Trends 2015 overview

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As business and IT are fused together, a number of emerging trends are transforming “business as usual” across industries, functions, and geographies.

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