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RJ Krawiec & Jessica Nadler

Doctors have gathered data on patients’ ailments and histories since Hippocrates, and current, accurate information is critical to effective health care. By making measurements and analysis automatic, IoT…


Ignoring bad news

Mark J. Cotteleer & Timothy Murphy

Inside the Internet of Things (IoT)

Jonathan Holdowsky, Monika Mahto, Michael E. Raynor, & Mark J. Cotteleer

Explore the inner workings of the Internet of Things in this deep dive into some of the technologies that make it possible.

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(podcast) Women, energy, and economic empowerment

Research shows that one of the leading predictors of the stability of a country is not its GDP or its resources; it’s the way its women are treated. And one way to empower women is through access to energy. Kathleen O’Dell talks to Tanya Ott…

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