The future of manufacturing

John Hagel III, John Seely Brown, Duleesha Kulasooriya, Craig Giffi, & Mengmeng Chen

The changing economics of production and distribution, along with shifts in consumer demand and the emergence of “smart” products, are pushing manufacturers to explore radically new ways of creating and…


Cognitive technologies for health plans

David Schatsky, Plamen Petrov, & Rajeev Ronanki


The road to value-based care

Wendy Gerhardt, Leslie Korenda, Elizabeth L. Stanley, & Gaurav Vadnerkar


Going rogue

Mark J. Cotteleer & Elliot Bendoly

US Economic Forecast: Volume 3 Issue 1

Dr. Daniel Bachman

The fall in oil prices is very important for the US economy. However, other factors will moderate the oil price impact, including a rising dollar, falling US exports, and…


Starting over

Carmen Medina

Let’s pretend the intelligence community doesn’t exist. It’s 2020, and the US government has finally decided that it needs a coordinated approach to understanding the…

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(video) Tech Trends 2015 overview

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As business and IT are fused together, a number of emerging trends are transforming “business as usual” across industries, functions, and geographies.

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