3D opportunity for the Department of Defense

Matthew J. Louis, Tom Seymour & Jim Joyce

In an era of unsustainable defense budgets and increasingly complex enemies, advanced manufacturing holds the potential to help the United States to meet its mission and responsibilities in both arenas.


Navigating coverage

Larisa Layug, Sarah Thomas, Ryan Carter & Sunandan Bandyopadhyay


Building consumer trust

Pat Conroy, Frank Milano, Anupam Narula & Raj Singhal


A solution economy for justice reform

Ingo Keilitz & Harold Epineuse

Asia Pacific Economic Outlook: December 2014

Deloitte University Press

This edition gives a near-term outlook for China, Japan, Philippines, and South Korea. China faces questions around both short- and long-term growth. In Japan, the debate…


Passion versus ambition

John Hagel III

While ambition and drive are sufficient in a world that is predictable, they are not enough in a world of constant change and disruption.

The Press Room

(video) Gov2020: Envisioning the future of government

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By 2020, the world could look very different. How will government adapt to keep up with the needs of citizens?

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