US shale

John England & Anshu Mittal

An interactive community of value chains—an ecosystem—can help oil and gas companies effectively manage the rapidly evolving shale market in the United States.

Two dogmas of big data: Understanding the power of analytics for predicting human behavior

James Guszcza & Bryan Richardson

The vogue for big data obscures the fact that the economic value of analytics projects often has as much to do with the psychology of de-biasing decisions and the sociology…


Serendipity, discretionary energy, and the Harlem Renaissance

Carmen Medina

Cultural history and the stories of the non-famous and the not-very-famous interest me because they often illustrate the value of two important but often underestimated…

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(video) Supply unchained: Fighting supply chain labor abuse

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Prioritizing the prevention of human rights violations can help organizations open an important dialogue with empowered consumers, preserve the integrity of their supply chains, and protect their brand identity.

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