Global Economic Outlook: Q1 2015

Deloitte University Press

A sharp drop in the price of oil; a shift in US monetary policy; and weaker growth along with low inflation in the Eurozone, Japan, and China are significantly influencing the global economy.


Stop or not?

Mark J. Cotteleer & Elliot Bendoly

What if the road to inclusion were really an intersection?

W. Sean Kelly, PhD & Christie Smith, PhD

While traditional diversity and inclusion frameworks have helped bring more diverse talent into organizations, what got organizations here will not get them where they want…


Why data storytelling is so important—and why we’re so bad at it

Tom Davenport

Five reasons why data and analytics-based stories are important to organizations, and four reasons why so many people and organizations do it badly or not at all.

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(video) Gov2020: Envisioning the future of government

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By 2020, the world could look very different. How will government adapt to keep up with the needs of citizens?

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