Backyards without fences: Carving out territory in the changing consumer products terrain

Pat Conroy, Anupam Narula, & Julie Finn

Today, many brands struggle to maintain relevance and a price premium. Shifts in channels and a more heterogeneous consumer base are weakening the traditional fences they once maintained around sizeable…

Deloitte Review issues 16

Deloitte Review: Issue 16

Deloitte University Press

The geography of jobs, part 3: Feature

Issues by the Numbers: January 2015

Dr. Patricia Buckley, Dr. Peter Viechnicki & Lara Wigmore

Running on data: Activity trackers and the Internet of Things

Thomas H. Davenport & John Lucker

The Internet of Things may reshape consumer and industrial environments. But this potential won’t be realized solely through the power and connectivity of low-cost sensors.


Why data storytelling is so important—and why we’re so bad at it

Tom Davenport

Five reasons why data and analytics-based stories are important to organizations, and four reasons why so many people and organizations do it badly or not at all.

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Tech Trends 2015 overview (video)

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As business and IT are fused together, a number of emerging trends are transforming “business as usual” across industries, functions, and geographies.

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