3D opportunity for the supply chain: Additive manufacturing delivers

Kelly Marchese, Jeff Crane, & Charlie Haley

Using additive manufacturing technologies to evolve supply chains can offer companies strong value and a competitive advantage. Explore some of the potential benefits, from lower costs and risks to greater…


China: Uncharted territory

Dr. Ira Kalish

Beyond the dumb pipe: The IoT and the new role for network service providers

Michael E. Raynor & Philip Wilson

During the rise of the Internet, communication services treated their network providers as little more than “dumb pipes,” providing bandwidth. The IoT revolution…

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(podcast) Making retirement security a reality

The retirement advisory industry is positioned to make a significant dent in alleviating the looming retirement crisis. Host Tanya Ott talks to Deloitte University Press authors Sean Cunniff, Sam Friedman, and Val Srinivas about how financial…

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