Innovation from everywhere

Eamonn Kelly, Thomas Jankovich & Duleesha Kulasooriya

After centuries of near uni-directional innovation—from the West to the rest—we are in the early days of a massive rebalancing, aided by connective technologies. Innovation now happens everywhere.


CFO as Chief Frontier Officer

Bob Comeau, Rich Rorem, Sam Silvers & Steven Ehernhalt


Making it Millennial

Christine Elliott & William Reynolds III


Giants, old and new

Pedro Arboleda, Don Derosby, Eamonn Kelly & Kishore Rao

3D opportunity in tooling

Mark Cotteleer, Mark Neier & Jeff Crane

The use of additive manufacturing to fabricate tooling can not only reduce lead times and costs, but also improve functionality and enhance the ability to customize.


You’ve found the passionate. Now what?

John Hagel III

I’ve talked before about the need to hire for disposition—the questing and connecting dispositions, specifically—and to cultivate these passionate dispositions in the…

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Additive manufacturing: A 3D opportunity (video)

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The emergence of additive manufacturing technologies can lead to exciting opportunities...or obsolescence. Companies can explore four tactical paths as they deploy these technologies across their businesses.

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