Crossing the mental Rubicon: Don’t let decisiveness backfire

Derek M. Pankratz & Michael A. Roberto

We demand that leaders be decisive, but research in social psychology and behavioral economics suggests that decisiveness is not an unequivocal good. Studies on “mindset” reveal that, when contemplating an…

Deloitte Review Issue 18

Deloitte Review: Issue 18

Deloitte University Press

The importance of Misbehaving: A conversation with Richard Thaler

James Guszcza

It’s common sense that people routinely make irrational decisions—“misbehave”—yet economics models stubbornly assume that everyone is perfectly rational.

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(podcast) Smart device, smart pay: Taking mobile payments from coffee shops to retail stores

Mobile payments, or mPayments, have grown from a niche market to a potential $700–800 billion opportunity by 2017. Deloitte’s Craig Wigginton spoke with Tanya Ott about the factors related to mPayment’s growth, such as new wearable technology…

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