Asia Pacific Economic Outlook, February 2014

The February 2014 edition of the Asia Pacific Economic Outlook gives a near-term outlook for China, India, Myanmar, and the Philippines.

APAC_Feb14_1000x1375_cvrThe February 2014 edition of the Asia Pacific Economic Outlook gives a near-term outlook for China, India, Myanmar, and the Philippines.

China: Reining in soaring government debt
By Dr. Ira Kalish

A big risk to China’s economy is that troubles associated with the financial system will become more onerous before the government can fully implement the reforms it has announced.

India: The year that was
By Dr. Rumki Majumdar

In 2013, India’s economic outlook was negative due to sluggish growth and persistent high inflation. Significant political changes are creating uncertainty about the future.

Myanmar: On the road with challenges and promises
By Akrur Barua

Myanmar’s ability to transform economic promise into reality will depend on institution building, infrastructure development, and political stability. Without these, investors will remain cautious.

Philippines: Looking strong despite Typhoon Haiyan
By Akrur Barua

The Philippines’ economy appears ready to absorb the losses of Typhoon Haiyan and regain momentum in 2014. Healthy external balances, a manageable deficit, and low inflation are likely to help.

Asia Pacific Economic Outlook, February 2014: Issue overview
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