ON Innovation: Join the conversation

ON Innovation: Join the conversation

ON Innovation: Join the conversation

March 26 - 27

On March 26 -27, Deloitte University Press will bring together a group of leading thinkers on the topic of innovation to explore perhaps the most daunting question of all: What don’t we know about innovation, and where do we go from here? Join the conversation.

Editor’s note: ON Innovation the event is over, but our conversation continues. For more information, view our thank you message.

From the outside looking in, the field of innovation can seem more concerned with theoretical schisms and rhetorical hyperbole than with generating practical insight and meaningful progress. ON Innovation is an attempt to reboot our collective perspective on innovation: what it is, what works, what’s broken, and how to fix it.

Deloitte University Press invites you to participate in this online opportunity to interact with innovation thought leaders and practitioners from business, government, non-profits, and academia. We’ll discuss what we don’t know about innovation, and where we go from here.

How to participate

The perspectives ON Innovation collection

Our new thoughtware collection explores how a rigorous, precise, consistent, and inclusive definition of innovation can shed light on everything from organizational structure to insurance to the utility sector and more.

View the collection, or read more about our distinctive innovation perspective.


ON Innovation: Join the conversation

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