Leadership overview

Leadership overview

Leadership overview

Effective government leadership today is less about command and control than about listening, connecting, and engaging—with constituents and with other government and non-government organizations.

Leadership cover with text_kwIntroduction: What makes a “good” government leader?

By Tiffany Dovey Fishman

Traditional leadership styles made for command-and-control environments are no longer adequate for the challenges that government faces today. As a result, the notion of what constitutes effective leadership in government is evolving. 

The new government leader: Mobilizing agile public leadership in disruptive times

By Katherine Ryan and Abed Ali

What makes an effective government leader in a world where citizens expect real-time engagement with their institutions and whose social problems often defy siloed solutions?

The silent leader

By William D. Eggers

To reclaim a reputation for competency, government will need a political culture that values and honors capable managers, as well as public servants with the courage to tell the unpleasant truths to their political masters.

Leadership overview
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