Deloitte Review
Issue 10

We each have a calling. It might be revealed in the intense focus of Formula One racing champion Sebastian Vettel, whose mechanical intuition helped him nurse a car with gearbox problems to second place in the 2011 Brazilian Grand Prix. Or the intuitive directing of Clint Eastwood. Or the designer’s eye of the late Steve Jobs. We romanticize the accomplishments of talented individuals, but companies often have their own version of a calling.


A Delicate Balance

James Guszcza & John Lucker


The mobile elite

Scott Wilson, PhD & Phil Asmundson


I Have Not Yet Begun to Shop … Or Have I?

Patrick Conroy & Anupam Narula


At the Court of King Henry

Scott Wilson, PhD


To Thine Own Self Be True

Michael Raynor & Mumtaz Ahmed


The talent paradox

Robin Erickson, Jeff Schwartz & Josh Ensell


Is Your Corporate Footprint Stuck in the Mud?

Darin Buelow, Matt Szuhaj, Josh Timberlake & Matt Adams