Deloitte Review
Issue 11

We often hear “technology” and “tool” used as synonyms. It’s intuitive to regard a commercial website as a digital storefront, for example, and email as an alternative to the postal system. But a better analogy, harkening back to my geology texts from college, might be eolian systems—wind, which alters landscapes slowly and can erode or empower what it touches. It can propel objects designed with it in mind.


From Mad Man to Superwoman

Suketu Gandhi, Giovanni Rodriguez & Greg Banks


Growth through M&A: Promise and reality

Iain Bamford, Nik Chickermane & Jessica Kosmowski


Cloud Wars

Ragu Gurumurthy, John Hagel III & Hem Desai


Cloud Hits the Enterprise

Paul Clemmons, Jason Geller & Adam Messer


The Ito Factor

Scott Wilson, PhD


Pulling Ahead vs. Catching Up

Michael E. Raynor & Mumtaz Ahmed