Deloitte Review
Issue 12

Behavioral economists and cognitive scientists seem to have made a career out of showing how our judgments tend to be wrong in glaring ways. In the case of big data—the pervasive term for the expanded and growing pool of data available to power business decisions—they may once again be onto something. When it comes to identifying the right data, we’re more often impulse buyers than paragons of analytical skill.


The Mobile Chasm

Bill Briggs, Stephanie Chacharon, Shehryar Khan & Mike Brinker


As one

Frederick D. Miller, David Brown & Andrew Garber


Too big to ignore

James Guszcza, David Steier, John Lucker, Vivekanand Gopalkrishnan & Harvey Lewis


Big data 2.0

Vivekanand Gopalkrishnan, David Steier, Harvey Lewis, James Guszcza & John Lucker


Telling a story with data

Thomas H. Davenport


The profit parfait

Mark Cotteleer, Michael Raynor & Mumtaz Ahmed