Deloitte Review
Issue 13

Can we define innovation in a way that is useful, and recognize what it is – and what it isn’t? With this issue of Deloitte Review, we consider the strategic implications of getting that definition right (or wrong), and explore opportunities for innovation in talent acquisition, data marketplaces, and technology.


Multirational multinationals

William D. Eggers & Paul Macmillan


Courting the candidate-customer

John Henry & Peter MacLean


Data as the new currency

William D. Eggers, Rob Hamill & Abed Ali


Three rules

Michael Raynor & Mumtaz Ahmed


Innovation: A chimera no more

Michael E. Raynor & Heather A. Gray

Disegno di Pininfarina

Disegno di Pininfarina

Scott Wilson, PhD


Making open innovation work in mobile

Scott Wilson, PhD & Craig Wigginton