Deloitte Review
Issue 6

Life after the Great Recession likely will be quite different. And perhaps it should be. In The Long Unwinding Road, we look at the imbalances that shaped the global economy until recently. The recalibration of consumer borrowing, saving and spending worldwide suggests that the rules for consumer businesses, in particular, will change, with government policy playing a key role.


Survival of the Fattest

Michael Raynor, Mumtaz Ahmed & James Guszcza


The Long Unwinding Road

Ira Kalish


If We Can Put a Man on the Moon

William D. Eggers & John O’Leary


On Public-Private Partnerships

William D. Eggers

Fallback Thumbnail

Money and Borders

Robert Kimmitt, Mark Garay & Dwight Allen


Post merger integration: Hard data, hard truths

Johannes Gerds, Freddy Strottmann & Pakshalika Jayaprakash


Talking about Whose Generation?

David Hole, Le Zhong & Jeff Schwartz