Deloitte Review
Issue 7

A decade back, technology was more about solving process problems – the systems integration discipline takes its name from a specific challenge. But the wish list was longer: better platforms for delivering and collecting information; better wireless capabilities for commerce and communication; better and more varied sensors to monitor supply chains. For the most part, that wish list has been fulfilled, and society and businesses are playing catch-up.


Charging Ahead

Lei Zhou, Jeffrey W. Watts, Masato Sase & Atsuyuki Miyata


Signal Strength

Doug Standley & Jane Griffin


Integrating distressed assets

Tom Williamson, Kevin Charles & Bob Glass


A roadmap for sustainable consumption

Lawrence Hutter, Peter Capozucca & Sarita Nayyar


A Profitable Shade of Green

Eric Hespenheide, John DeRose, Jessica Bramhall & Mark Tumiski


Risk intelligent decision making

Frederick Funston, Steve Wagner & Henry Ristuccia