Deloitte Review
Issue 8

In the strategy and operations space, the cost of guessing wrong is rising. Or, as our colleagues in the renascent field of analytics suggest, the cost of guessing at all is one we should put behind us. While there is comfort in intuition, a better answer is out there: Not acting on it represents an opportunity lost, and potentially money left on the table. In this issue of Deloitte Review, we consider analytics and its implications for business strategy and operations.


Did You Say Free?

Mike Simonetto, Maggie Laird & Denys Aguirrebeitia


Smarter Moves

Jeff Schwartz & Gardiner Hempel


Caught in the Middle

Pasquale Nigro, Kirk Petrie & Kristin Bone


Common Good

Christopher Gentle


Rank Ignorance

Michael Raynor, Mumtaz Ahmed & Jeff Schulz